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Examples of templates I have developed in my spare time. These are designed as full projects that can easily be modified and expanded on in the future by either myself or other developers. I may eventually sell some in the Unity Asset Store if I ever find the time to support them after release.

RTS Template

Real-Time Strategy Game Template

Project Info

This template is designed to be very similar to Warcraft, one of my all-time favorite series of video games. It's designed to make swapping in new models as simple as possible as well as giving the end-user a lot of options for build costs, attack power, movement speed, etc.

The template uses A* for pathfinding and building placement, and has features such as multiple-unit selection and group movement.


Hunting & Survival Game Template

Project Info

Development Role

A third-person survival template using placeholder assets from the Unity Asset Store. This was my first use of a day/night cycle in Unity. Players can harvest nearby plants and resources for crafting and the arrow mechanic is made to be as realistic as possible. I setup a temporary target range off to the side for testing purposes which helped me get the ranging system for the target reticle spot-on. Landing incredibly long-range kills on the running Velociraptors is one of the more challenging and rewarding things I have designed with Unity and I play this template often.

SFS MMO Template

SmartFox MMO RPG Game Template

Project Info

This was the base template I used when creating the latest version of Revery Online. It uses the same Area of Interest system and supports up to 100 concurrent players, the current restriction on the Community edition of SmartFox server; upgrading my license should allow for thousands of players on a single server at any given time.