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Al Ridley
Zoey Ridley

Examples of prototypes I have developed for the sake of learning. I will be adding a lot more examples to this section as I dig out more of my projects.

FPS Parkour

FPS Shooter with Parkour mechanics

Project Info

I set out to recreate the FPS mechanics of Titanfall to the best of my ability when I started this project. Using UFPS as a base, I have added the ability for the player to wall-run, double jump, slide (when crouching during a run) as well as the ability to grab overhead ledges.


Space Exploration Game Using 3D Marching Cubes

Project Info

Inspired by Astroneer, I set out to create a world the player could terraform using a similar 3D marching cubes algorithm. Much like the aforementioned title, players can mine resources by digging into the terrain and must maintain oxygen and power levels as they explore.

Dungeon Crawler

Procredurally Generated Dungeon Crawler

Project Info

Using cellular automata to procedurally generate levels at run-time, this is your basic dungeon crawler. Although very little of the original is in tact, this prototype was the starting point for my current project: Toon Co-Op RPG.

3D Platformer

Basic 3D Platformer

Project Info

A quick platformer I created, mostly for the sake of learning how to keep rigidbodies on moving platforms. This is one of my earlier projects but served as a great base for learning the basics of the physics in Unity as well as the third-person controller