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Professional Freelance Game Design

Examples of commercial releases I have worked on, ranging from Lead Developer of a futuristic strategy game to a children's book that teaches about the Forbidden City in China.

Age of Gladiators II

Lead Developer |Al Ridley

Lead Play-tester |Zoey Ridley

Project Info

Age of Gladiators II is a single-player strategy game set in the futuristic 3000AD, during the rebirth of the violent and hyper-competitive gladiatorial games. Manage your franchise while forging the attributes and abilities of your warriors. Build your story. Build your empire.

Development Role

As Lead Developer, it was my task to design and program the arena scene, to move the management scene from OnGUI methods to uGUI, and the overall integration of all models, UI graphics and programming. This included Steam integration, a complex save/load system, rigging 32 models and localization for Russian and German languages.

Skadonk Showdown

Various Mechanics |Al Ridley

Project Info

Shadonk Showdown is a physics charged, multiplayer vehicle game wrapped in a South African theme. Fast reflexes, itchy trigger fingers and luck are needed to come out on top. The game concept, was sparked by the rich concentration of different individuals and cultures within South Africa - most importantly the Taxi culture.

Taking inspiration from games such as Mario Kart and Zero Gear, the game is designed for short fun play sessions with and against friends.

Development Role

My responsibilities for Skadonk Showdown included programming a system to calculate the current pole position in a given race, the taxi system used for picking up and dropping off fares, as well as setting up ragdolls for pedestrians when they are struck. Most notably I was responsible for programming the entire traffic system, which was built from the ground up using a customized waypoint system. This results in AI vehicles making unexpected turns during gameplay, often leaving the player to swerve around a vehicle who neglected to use a turn-signal.

This Is The Greatest Place

Lead Developer |Al Ridley (uncredited)

Play-tester |Zoey Ridley (uncredited)

Project Info

Created by internationally renowned children's book artists Brian Tse and Alice Mak, this book teaches children about Chinese architecture, how nature's influence can be seen around us, and how people and animals can live together in harmony. The illustrations capture the majesty of both the natural world and the Forbidden City and are enhanced by animations and interactive components for readers. The text can be read in either English or as simplified Chinese characters. English and Chinese narration is provided by American actress Jacqueline Emerson, making this e-book app a useful tool for language learning.

Development Role

As Lead Developer, I was tasked with taking the graphics used for book printing and converting them into an e-book using the Unity engine. The e-book has options for swapping between both English/Chinese text and narration in real-time, allowing the end-user various options like reading in English while hearing Mandarin or visa versa.

Zoey's job was of course finding bugs, and I am quite confident that this project was one of her most treasured experiences in working with me. This was also her first experience with the client requesting changes that she did not agree with when the option to swipe through the pages was removed; she was (and still is) frustrated by the new interface.