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SmartFox MMO Framework

A Unity3D & SmartFox MMO Framework

This is a demonstration of a basic MMO Framework using Unity3D. This framework is capable of porting to Windows Standalone, Windows Store 10, Linux, Android and WebGL. Players on any of these devices can login and interact with other players from all over the world. The system uses a standard MMO setup, and as the player traverses the world, objects are loaded off-screen via socket connections to the server.

Toon Aces

Stunt Plane Controller Demo

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Revery Online

A Fantasy-themed MMORPG using Unity3D and SmartFox

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GameDev Game

Custom-built Isometric Browser-game using HTML5 & jQuery

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Zombie FPS

Horror-themed Zombie FPS

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Zombie Slayers

Top-Down Shooter Demo

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FPS Prototype

Parkour & FPS Hybrid Demo

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Platformer Prototype

A 3D Platformer WIP

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'Toon Aces' is a game demo I put together using a Stunt Plane Controller I programmed in Unity3D with the intention of submitting it to the Asset Store. The demo uses several models, textures and audio purchased from the Asset Store, all brought together in this cartoon-themed game.

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(WebGL capable browser required)

Revery Online is a work-in-progress MMORPG that takes focus away from the normal hack-n-slash mechanics to spotlight player interaction and creating a sense of community. The game aims to appeal to a broad audience of players by providing a multitude of classes, professions, game mechanics, as well as customizable player-housing. In Revery, not only can you meet up with a group of friends for an adventure, but you can do so from the comfort of your own home; a home that other players will pass as they travel this vast realm.

Revery Online was a pet project I worked on in an effort to hone my skills with both Unity3D and SmartFox Server. The game uses an Area-of-Interest as the player travels the Realm, ensuring that the server is only sending necessary data to each client, thereby improving performance exponentially. I built a custom questing system, programmed NPC's for players to interact with, and I built the inventory system from the ground up.

GameDevGame allows players to live the life of a game developer, enduring the struggles and enjoying the success as they move from working out of their garage to owning a large office building, completel with staff. Things will not come easy, as you will be forced to maintain items located around your office in order to keep your productivity up. Forget to water your plant? You better bring it back to life before you sit down to work or it's brown, dying leaves will prevent you from performing at your best. Visit friends offices, chat, and build your gamedev empire from any browser that supports HTML5!

GameDevGame was an excercise in using the SmartFox Server HTML5 JS client API. The goal here was to create an isometric framework that could be easily customized in the future and to ensure that SmartFox 2X would work seamlessly with my database configurations via HTML5 and jQuery. The game allows for character customization and placement of various props around the room, all controlled via a custom-built SmartFox extension and displayed in any modern browser with no need to install plugins.

This is a short game demo I put together for display in my portfolio. Players are armed with just a pistol with a flashlight attached and must navigate an old, abandoned hospital populated with zombies.

Shining the flashlight on any enemy will cause it to persue and attack the player, and when the flashlight recharges it will attract any and all nearby zombies. This was my first horror-themed game and I hope to find time to continue its progress soon.

Zombie Slayers is a top-down shooter game that came about from a weekend of playing around with mechanics while training my graphics designer in Unity. The game allows for both local co-op gameplay as well as online using Photon.

The Zombie AI needs quite a bit of work, but currently there are 3 playable characters with a fourth planned in the near future. Each character has their own stats and weapons, and eventualy all will have a special attack.

This video depicts two training areas in an FPS/Parkour hybrid I was working on in my spare time. The character is capable of ledge grabs, wall running and sliding underneath obstacles.

The game demo is built off of UFPS which I tied into a Parkour system, giving the player a lot of options in-so-far as traversing the scene. I hope to build on this in the future, but for the moment it was more of a way for me to test out some ideas.

I have always enjoyed 3D Platformer games like Tomb Raider, and this demo depicts a very quick mock-up of such a game. With moving platforms, obstacles to slide under, and platforms that fall ocne the player steps on them, there is already quite a bit in place to build off of.

I am hoping to add ledge grabs and other mechanics to this demo in the near future. For now, my graphics artist is creating concept art for the main character and I will re-post an update once work on the model is complete.

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Web-Designer turned Game Developer with over 20 years experience in over 16 languages and software platforms. I have been programming professionally for 12 years now, with my main focus being data-driven web applications and large multi-player video games. Hosting services are available upon request.

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